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Spay / Neuter at Pet Health of Hampstead

Our veterinarians will discuss data-based recommendations for your personal pet (breed and lifestyle) in terms of deciding to  spay/neuter as well as appropriate timing. The pros, cons, and all the details in between are important factors to consider when deciding when to spay/neuter. We welcome questions and open discussions on these topics to make the best recommendations for a team approach to veterinary medicine.

Spaying and neutering your pets helps reduce unwanted litters and control pet overpopulation. They also reduce your pet’s risk of serious diseases later in life and help curb some undesirable behaviors.

We encourage continued health care for the pets we spay/neuter through regular wellness check-ups.

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Spay & Neuter Facts

Learn more about the benefits of Spay / Neuter at the ASPCA website link:

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