Digital Radiology

To better diagnose and treat injured or sick pets

Radiology For Your Pets

Pet Health of Hampstead offers state-of-the-art digital radiographic imaging to aid in diagnosis for our patients. This technology allows us to have an image instantaneously that can be measured, interpreted and shared for a radiologist’s review with the click of a button. Radiology allows us to view the shape, size, and location of structures within the patient. It can be a useful tool when evaluating arthritis or other reasons for pain, examining gastrointestinal, cardiac, or respiratory issues, and even evaluating internal organs.

The ability to provide a range of imaging techniques is essential for diagnosing disease in patients who, for the most part, are unable to describe their symptoms. This, combined with clinical findings and other diagnostic tests, helps to make the best decisions on your pet’s behalf.

Superior Care &

High-Quality Medicine

through digital radiography. Digital X-Ray can be used for a variety of diagnostic purposed including:

Finding arthritis

Identifying the source of bone pain or injury

Locating fractures or foreign bodies

Examining internal organs

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