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Preventative Dental Care For Your Pets

During your pet’s annual examination, we may note gingivitis, plaque, and tartar buildup, or other problems that could indicate a need for a thorough oral health assessment and dental cleaning. Unlike humans, our pets need a little help to stay calm and keep their mouths open during these procedures. Our veterinarians perform a complete oral health assessment under general anesthesia with expert monitoring and the safest anesthesia protocols available. These assessments include full-mouth dental radiographs to help determine the disease below the gumline. Your pet’s teeth will be scaled, polished, charted, and managed by our skilled team of doctors and technicians.

Did you know that 60% of the tooth is below the gumline where we can’t see it? These assessments allow us to get an honest picture of your pet’s oral health to make the best plan for their overall health. It’s an essential piece of good preventive care.

Pet Health of Hampstead offers state-of-the-art digital radiographic imaging to aid in diagnosis for our patients. Chronic dental disease is being recognized as an important contributor to the development of health problems in pets, including heart disease and kidney disease. Good oral hygiene starts with regular health screenings by your veterinarian and requires a well-rounded approach to preventive and diagnostic care to optimize oral health throughout your pet’s lifetime.

On-site Dental Care

for Hampstead Area Pets

Improve your pet’s quality of life & longevity with regular dental screenings.


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